Presrite Corporation Forging New Solutions

With 20 high-precision presses ranging from 1,300 to 6,000 tons, Presrite Corporation can forge the parts you need.
Our state-of-the-art Technical Center is designed to meet your most complex tooling requirements.
Using real-world 3D simulations, we can engineer the right solution to address your machining challenge.
In order to save time and resources and streamline the overall process for purchasing machine parts, Presrite has you covered.
Customer Service
We deliver when it comes to responsive service. Because you and your customers deserve it.
Unmatched Forging Capability

From massive track pads and conveyor links to precise engine components and drill bits, Presrite can engineer forging solutions for your specific industry requirements – from 2 to 300 pounds.

Consistent Tooling Precision

From 100 R&D components to 100,000 near-net gears, our Technical Center, powered by 3D simulation and engineering know-how, delivers close tolerance precision parts for every design.

Problem-Solving Engineering

Our engineering staff works together as one lean problem-solving machine, to find the right solution for your specific machining challenge. We have the shop floor experience to deliver real-world solutions.

Time-Saving Value Adds

From heat treating, multi-axis stamping, hot-padding, and cleaning. Presrite is a one-stop shop that also offers time-saving machining and finishing services that will allow you more time to focus on your customers.

Responsive Customer Service

We’re ready to schedule a virtual meeting or in-person site visit to address your toughest machining challenges. Why? Because we are committed to responsive customer service. You shouldn’t have to wait for the service you deserve.