Value-Adding Services

Working with multiple vendors is costly and time consuming.

Presrite has the finished parts you are looking for as a one-stop shop -- not just forge equipment, but also machining, heat treating, normalizing and shot blast cleaning. All of these processes being done in one company gets you parts faster and allows for you to have a more accurate, better overall product. Give Presrite a chance to show you how its done.

Treating & Finishing Services

If you are looking to get your products partially of fully finished, Presrite offers multiple services that will meet your needs, including, but not limited to:

  • Hot pad or heat treating to improve yield mechanical properties
  • Normalizing quench or tempering to increase part consistency
  • Steel shot blast cleaning to remove excess surface oxide
Tech-Driven Value-Adds

From our multi-axis milling and CNC cutting machines to the latest robotic technology, Presrite has the tools to deliver turnkey services such as:

  • Cold coining to straighten parts and produce tighter tolerances
  • Cold stamping or hot-to-press stamping for depressed letterings
  • Lights out machining to allow for around the clock progress being made on your parts