Metal Forging For Industries

From excavators and backhoes to tractors and combines to conveyors and tow trucks, your industry’s equipment must endure the most punishing environments. You can’t afford machining downtime due to a “wobble'' or mismatched part. Presrite guarantees every forging will be as reliable as the one before it.

Presrite can meet your toughest requirements.
Through 3D simulations, testing, and nearly 50 years of forging experience, Presrite can guarantee repeatable precision for every forging, from 100 parts to 100,000. And with 20 presses up to 6,000 tonnage, we can forge parts sized to your industry needs, from 2 to 300 pounds.
We Are Your Industry’s Metal Forging Solution
Engine gears, tow eyes, boom components, transmission parts, wheel tractor-scrapper components and other agricultural applications
Forged tooth gears, undercarriage components, ripper arms, track links, fuel injector parts, rock crusher teeth and construction boring equipment
Gas line flanges, drill bits, valve bodies, drill heads, tricone bits and forged combinations like cones with drill heads for off-shore drilling
Material Handling
Track crawler pads, conveyor chain links, drill bits, crusher roll components, gear blanks and other parts requiring forging durability
Military & Defense
Tank track pads, bombshell caps, conveyor links, companion flanges and drive components to support our military forces
Ring gears, axle spiders, tow eyes, spring seats, brake flanges, yokes, shock pistons, brake discs and much, much more