Forging Technical Center

Based on the Six Sigma philosophy for process improvement, Presite’s Technical Center works to support your needs and serve as your engineering partner to tackle the most complicated tooling requirements.

Engineering & Dedicated Tooling Facility

Presrite heavily invested in rigid 2 and 3 axis CNC machining centers and technical personnel to provide a more responsive way to support our customers' needs. Our center of excellence includes:

  • State of the art High Speed Mills, CNC Lathes, Wire EDM machines, Flood weld shop and heat treating delivering tooling accuracy well below market costs
  • Low cost cellular manufacturing, with off-line setup and programming delivering 90% machine utilization
  • Superior quality with 100% Laser scanning of die surfaces to validate die impressions to die models
  • Reverse Engineering services to quickly render solid models for use in design and customer inquiries
  • Unparalleled volume and throughput processing up to 1,500 die components per month
  • Internal MRP Tool and Die Replenishment System ensuring zero stock outs and always ready to forge parts on time
Industrial Forging Design Solutions

Using SolidWorks and DeForm 3D simulation software, our Presrite engineering team can:

  • Conduct real-world simulations to determine tooling design outcomes
  • Provide rapid turnaround with proven designs based on 50 years of experience and pedigree
  • Quickly establish a timeline for successful completion of design to tool making, part production, PPAP, and part delivery
In House Die Design & Manufacturing

Presrite designs, manufactures, and maintains our dies in-house. Why is this important to you? This allows us to better serve you and your customers by:

  • Responding quickly to your specific needs
  • Minimizing downtime and improving first pass yield
  • Ensuring you get a high-quality product, on time, every time