Forge Supervisor

Jefferson, OH

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The Forge Department Supervisor will direct the duties, people and results of the Forge Department. Responsibilities will include training employees, assigning work and maintaining expected performance and results.


· Utilize staff to achieve established goals and objectives. 

· Provide instruction and guidance to assure material is forged per blueprints, specifications and established closed die forging practices. 

· Maintain appropriate safety, quality, equipment, and housekeeping objectives.

· Collaborate with support functions to insure product design expectations and production targets are met.

· Ensure all appropriate safety regulations and rules are complied with. Administer disciplinary actions as required.

· Troubleshoot and correct any problems in the forging operation and report all malfunctions and equipment breakdowns to the Maintenance Department. 

· Comply with and assure conformance with all company related directives. 


· High School Diploma or Equivalent required

· Ability to read and understand forging drawings

· Good written and verbal communication skills

· Closed die steel forging set-up and production experience required

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